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Specifically designed to comply with international requirements with a CE certification, GlobalTRAN® also meets true IP20 terminal protection ratings as defined by IEC-529. Carries Micron’s 20-year warranty, double the industry standard.
ImperviTRAN® is the ultra-reliable industrial control circuit transformer and the most accepted transformer in the industry. Behind its clean design is a toughness that makes it measure up to any requirement placed upon it. Carries Micron’s 20-year warranty.
Single or three phase, resin encapsulated or ventilated, Micron’s dry type distribution and general purpose transformers for indoor and outdoor applications are built and tested in accordance with applicable NEMA, ANSI, and IEEE standards.
Small KVA, single phase, 600 volt class insulating transformers with dual primary and dual secondary windings. Used to provide an economical method of correcting a lower or higher voltage to a voltage rating more suitable for efficient operation of electrical equipment.
Accessories and other Micron products including fusing, terminal covers, and useful options for other transformer types.
Micron’s DINergy family of small form DIN rail mounting power supplies provide valuable features and benefits at an economical price point…and available for same day shipment from stock!
Water proof power supplies allows for power where its needed—not in a remote location.