Industry Standards


Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) is an independent, not-for-profit product safety testing and certification
organization. The following are classifications of Underwriter Laboratories.

  • Transformers, General Purpose (XPTQ.E46323)
    The transformers covered by this listing are of the compound filled, exposed core or open core and coil construction,
    (industrial control type), rated 600 v or less. Step-up, step-down, insulated, and autotransformer types as well as
    air cooled reactors are included. Autotransformers are so marked.
    for more information.)
  • Transformers, General Purpose – Component (XPTQ2.E46323)
    This category covers compound filled, exposed core and open core and coil transformers rated 600 v or less. Step-up, step-down, insulated and autotransformer types as well as air cooled reactors are included in this category.
  • Power and General Purpose Transformers, Dry Type – Component (XQNX2.E97674)
    These transformers are of the air cooled dry, ventilated or nonventilated type rated 600 v or less; 500 kVA or less single phase; and 1500 kVA or less three phase. Step-up, step-down, insulated and autotransformer types as well as air cooled reactors are included.
  • Systems, Electrical Insulation – Component (OBJY2.E65096)
    This category covers combinations of insulating materials arranged to form an insulation system such as that used in motors, transformers, solenoids, etc. Also included are coated core (integral ground) insulation constructions.


The CSA Mark (Canadian Standards Association)
signifies that an authorized testing laboratory has evaluated a sample of the product to determine that it meets
applicable national standards CSA tests and certifies products to applicable safety or performance standards
including ANSI, ASME, ASTM, ASSE, CSA, NSF, UL, and others.


The CE Mark indicates compliance to the applicable requirements of a particular product as outlined by
the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and by mutual agreement is recognized throughout the
European Union. Micron has utilized the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) as a competent body in
reviewing, interpreting and properly complying with the requirements to place a CE mark on its GlobalTRAN
product. As a national certification body, CSA also has the proper documentation and reports on file for
GlobalTRAN to utilize the CB Scheme, ensuring acceptance throughout the world.

In addition to the CE mark, a Declaration of Conformity may be required by some customs agencies. Micron
will furnish copies of this Declaration upon request. Copies of the related CB Test Certificate and CSA
Letter of Attestation are also available. The standard GlobalTRAN product is supplied with terminal
covers which meets the requirements of IEC-529 IP20 degree of protection.


“Made in the USA” is a distinction which Micron carries proudly!