Customer Service

Our mission is to put customers before ourselves by continually improving our quality, products, and services. Micron works hard to “keep it simple” and allow for ease of doing business.

We strive to provide quick responses and turnarounds. The Micron customer service team has excellent technical expertise and provides on-the-spot answers to both application and design engineering questions.

We work with logistics companies to provide our customers with low cost shipping options. In addition to individual packaging, Micron provides custom bulk packaging to accommodate any request. We work closely with our customers to develop demand forecasts and are responsive to sudden variations. When “surprises” happen, we adjust our production schedule to meet your demand. Our primary goal is to ensure that our customers do not experience any production interruptions or delays.

To better accommodate the market, the customer service team has recently been restructured to support our customers by region. This will facilitate the development of closer and more efficient working relationships. In addition, all of our representatives are cross trained in other territories. If an issue arises, rest assured, it will be addressed without hesitation.

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