Micron has a long rich history dating all the way back to 1966. Learn how Micron Industries was formed and how the ImpervitranTM was conceived.

1966-Micron Sealing Corporation, a formulator of epoxy materials acquired Armitage Electronics, a manufacturer of electrical coils. The coils were sold to transformer manufacturers for use in their products.

1968-With the combined knowledge of epoxy formulation and coil manufacturing, Micron Sealing developed the industry’s first epoxy encapsulated control transformer and the ImperviTRAN® was born. Upon its release, the ImperviTRAN’s fully encapsulated design revolutionized the transformer market. In addition to encapsulation, the ImperviTRAN introduced other industry firsts including integral secondary fuse clips, molded barrier terminals, and primary fuse blocks.

1970-Micron Sealing received a patent for its flagship product and began production.

1971-Micron Sealing sold the epoxy business and focused exclusively on control transformers.

1972-Micron Sealing Corporation reincorporated as Micron Industries Corporation.

1989-After 17 years of operations in the Chicago suburb of Stone Park, Micron relocated to the neighboring town of Hillside.

1997-Micron’s market leadership was further enhanced with the introduction of the GlobalTRAN® line of control transformers. Designed specifically for international applications, GlobalTRAN holds a CE mark for compliance with current IEC/EN standards. The GlobalTRAN comes standard with SafeTouch® terminal covers with an IP20 rating meeting the IEC 529 standard.

1998-Micron expanded its product offering to include low voltage general purpose (LVGP) and buck-boost transformers. This expansion allowed Micron to gain a foothold in the power distribution market.

2000-Continued growth necessitated an additional relocation to Elmhurst, Illinois in 2000.

2006-Micron again expanded its product line with the addition of their DINergy™ line of DC power supplies. This allowed Micron to gain customers in the alternative power generation market, with numerous customers gained in solar, wind, and other industries.
The same year a final move was made to a 55,000 square foot facility in Sterling, Illinois. This state-of-the-art manufacturing plant continues to assure unparalleled quality while providing high level production capabilities to satisfy large demands.

2010-Micron relocated its Corporate Headquarters to Oak Brook, IL. The new facility houses Micron’s executive management team as well as sales, marketing, customer service, design engineering, human resources and accounting.


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